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PitaPata Horse tickers

:star:YES this is open to all Teke breeders not just HARPG

:bulletgreen:Rules for Registration akhal-teke-breeders.deviantart…

:bulletgreen:Breed Characteristics and Performances akhal-teke-breeders.deviantart…

:bulletyellow:Elite Tekes-a new system for the top horses akhal-teke-breeders.deviantart…

:bulletgreen:Basic Show Rules: akhal-teke-breeders.deviantart…

:bulletgreen:Registered Horses akhal-teke-breeders.deviantart…

:bulletgreen:Competition Advertising akhal-teke-breeders.deviantart…

Racing Club, Go look now! harpg-urassociation.deviantart…

Gallery Folders

Sales Trades
ATB Hall of Fame Mares,Fillies


:new: :new:   Had very few entries this year..and all wins were by default. Keep watch for smaller shows to come

If by some freaky chance I misplaced your entry please note the group ASAP.

:faint: Ok I just want you to know that so far, all MOST point prizes are coming out of My pocket.
There are OVER 5,000 da points up for grabs here people!!!

However, there is a catch.
I will not put forth the 1,000 points prizes for the 4 Challenger Titles unless we have at least 4 horses competing for the same title. Otherwise the prize will be 100 points.

    Ex: 4 horses complete their entries for the Racing Challenge. = 1,000 point prize 2 horses complete their entries for the Haler Challenge. = 100 point prize.

Understand? It is in YOUR best interest to get the word out there peeps!

:giggle: Hey guys. Sorry for skipping out on hosting the 'annual' Teke Championship show!
It's just the 1st year it was hosted, we had a very poor.. pretty much laughably shortage of entries.. Not just form tekes but from oriental breeds in general when i made an update for all to enter.. :shrug:

:star: and Yes. I will finish all the prize images I own from the last one.. *head down in shame. Absolute Shame*

BUT out with the old and in with a new fresh breath of life!

I'm currently doing some spring cleaning, deleting old blogs, refixing stray gallery images and updating things. I am not deleting blogs with results to past shows at least not for now.
I will update you guys on that, and most likely make a single blog that will hold all results in it forEVAAA!!! :mwahaha:

This ends Midnight Eastern Standard Time, July 10th , 2013

PitaPata Horse tickers

:star: Basic Rules akhal-teke-breeders.deviantart… Read them , Love them, OBEY them... *insert shifty eyes here* lol
    :bulletblack: YES enter as many horses in as many shows as you like! :bulletblack: I will add a :bulletred: by your horse's name until they have an entry submitted then it will change to a :bulletgreen: and the link beside your horse will change from a link to their ref, to the link to their entry :D :note: You do not have to enter all the 'section's for the Challenger Titles if you are not going after a title. :bulletblack: YES , all oriental breeds may enter. Only the pure tekes can win Challenges though.

The Shows will be spread over about a week's time and held in the 'deep south' of Georgia, USA

The events will include:

    :bulletred:1 1/2 mile dirt   :bulletred:1/2 mile turf sprint :bulletred: 100 mile Endurance :bulletred: Dressage Classical :bulletred: Natural Dressage :bulletred: Liberty :bulletred: Show Jumping :bulletred: Cross Country :bulletred: Speed Hurtles :bulletred: Stallion Halter :bulletred: Mare Halter :bulletred: Young Stock Halter :bulletred: Costume

    Challenge Rules

    1) Must enter ALL the events listed under it. 2) ONE HORSE will be chosen as the winners 3) Winners will be decided by highest combined scores for these 3 events (but halter only has 2) 4)      Horse can only win if they are Pure Teke (sorry this group is for the promotion of breeding pure tekes after all since they aren't common)
      Racing Demon Challenge :bulletred:1 1/2 mile dirt   :bulletred:1/2 mile turf sprint :bulletred: 100 mile Endurance Dreaming of Dance Dressage Challenge :bulletred: Dressage Classical :bulletred: Natural Dressage :bulletred: Liberty High Fliers Jumping Challenge :bulletred: Show Jumping :bulletred: Cross Country :bulletred: Speed Hurtles Perfect Confirmation Halter Challenge :bulletred: Halter
        Whether it be Mare, Stud, or young.
      :bulletred: Costume

1 1/2 mile dirt
standard racetrack with white railings, turf track in the center.
Held in the morning sky is a light blue maybe a bit orange in the beginning
    :bulletgreen: Ilari…

1/2 mile turf sprint
standard racetrack with white railings, turf track in the center
Held in late morning, sky is cloudy with possibility of a drizzle
    :bulletgreen: Ilari…

Endurance Race 50 miles
through good old GA forests remember to use proper vegetation and landscaping. There are a few stream crossings, orange ribbons and paint mark the trail and safe crossings. The flowers are blooming and it’s pollen season lots of oaks.
there are 3 vet check stations . you will have 3 days to finish but
any horse unable to continue, or rider being too rough will result in a scratch from the race.
We also have staff posted along the trail, especially in tricky places like streams. They will be wearing bright orange vests and are there to assist you if needed.  
Weather is humid with clear skies in the mornings and clouds towards the evenings.
    :bulletgreen: Ilari…

Dressage Classical
Show us your best dance. freestyle, choose your song and routine.
held in an indoor sand arena with large windows it'll probably be very dark outside with thunderstorms or just rain

Dressage Natural
Demonstrate the bond between you and your mount by preforming any level of dressage without any tack.
The ONLY 'tack' allowed is a rope around the base of the neck for balance.

Allow your special Teke to show off their natural grace without a rider. We prefer no halter but if you must keep one on then that's fine.

Show Jumping
Clear the jumps painted blue and silver in the indoor sand arena. Best time with the least faults wins.
:bulletgreen: Tupan…

Cross Country
This course will be held in a green field outside. There will be many times of jumps from water to walls.
Best time with the least faults wins
    :bulletgreen: Tupan…

Speed Hurtles
This event will be held outdoors in a green field. All jumps will be two feet and lower. NONE WILL BE HIGHER THAN TWO FEET.
The point of this event is to let your mount travel as fast as they can over these low jumps. Your horse will be demonstrating speed and agility.
    :bulletgreen: Tupan…

Stallion Halter
Held in an outdoor sand arena it’s cloudy


Mare Halter
Held in an outdoor sand arena it’s cloudy

Youngstock Halter (younger than 2)
Held in an outdoor sand arena it’s cloudy

Held indoors in a sand arena with large windows. The weather is overcast outside.
Theme: Games and their players. Open to interpretation there is no wrong answer.


Racing Demon Challengers


Dreaming of Dance Dressage Challengers


High Fliers Jumping Challengers


Perfect Confirmation Halter


**Please be sure to read the Basic Rules link at the top so that you may receive your entry number for the races ;)

Entry Form

Stable Name: include link please
Horse Name:
Race(s) to enter:
Entry Number:  ONLY list this on your entry. I will assign it to you when you sign up. ONLY for races.


depending on if anyone donates, and # of horses, prizes may get better ;)

:bulletyellow: if you wish to donate i'd appreciate it. just note the group please!

:bulletgreen: 1st in each event will get:

:iconakhal-teke-breeders: a blue ribbon and Head shot
50 Da points
:iconedawg-the-unicorn: shaded headshot and background of the winning horse + first place ribbon

:bulletgreen: 2nd in each event will get:

:iconakhal-teke-breeders: a red ribbon
25 Da points

:bulletgreen: 3rd in each event will get:

:iconakhal-teke-breeders: a yellow ribbon
:iconemmavz: 5 da points

:bulletred::bulletgreen: Winners of Challenges will get:

:iconakhal-teke-breeders: Trophy
Horse portrait with sash
1,000 da points   or just 100. See the top for more info
Horse Featured in Hall of Fame
Your horse is now a registered ELITE teke! ohhhh ahhhh...sparkle sparkle!


A Perfect score is 50 points: A Perfect score with all Bonuses earned is 60 points
    :bulletblack:1-10 points for correct background :bulletblack:1-10 points for correct riding gear, outfit. (don't wear a dress, heavy coat in the middle of the day, etc) :bulletblack:1-25 points for effort (story? includes other horses in picture? doesn't look like a mad scrible scrable) :bulletblack:1-5 totally random score using RNG online

You CAN earn some bonuses!! (must link proof)
    :bulletblue: Advertise this show on your poll/blog = +2 points to ALL of your entries. (only counts to the total though if you are going after the challenger titles) :bulletblue: Advertise this in your group = +3 points to ALL of your entries. (only counts to the total though if you are going after the challenger titles) :bulletblue: Donate a prize Other than designs, unless it's a self made breed = +5 points to ALL of your entries. (only counts to the total though if you are going after the challenger titles)

If you would like to see your scoring please tell me in your entry, But you need to make sure it's asked on there BEFORE I close for judging! that way I know to save my notes and scoring for yours.

Hi everyone! The show is now closed for entries 'officially'.
However. I WILL accept late entries for up till JULY 18th midnight Eastern Standard Time.  You will get -5 points from your score though.

I hope to have the results up by next weekend :D

DO not fret if your name and entries aren't on the blog right now. It's ok. I have recieved them all via note to the group and they Will be all counted accordingly. :heart:

Thank you for your patience with me,

Patches :sun:

Hi there. I'm sorry I dropped off the side of the world. I had finals, and huge deadlines with work come up..

The Champ Show is still very much active though and over the next week or so, I will slowly be updating th anmes on the list.
Feel free to send in your entries as instructed though!
This is not a 'need to pre register' event

Patches :sun:


Hey guys. I just wanted you all to know I have seen the recent sign ups for the champ show...da isn't letting me reply or edit blogs though..

SO ...yep..
Just wanted you to know I am not ignoring you all :XD:

Peace out!

:sun: Patches
If you are simply changing their ref image/ also need to change their ref because they are aged :  please bear with me here.

1) Remove your horse's old ref (foal ref, outdated ref, etc)
2) Place your old, outdated, foal ref into the "Old Refs..." folder in the group. :)
3) Not needed but would help if you put a little message at the Top of your old ref artist description
This ref is old. Find the new one here [link]
or something similar to that. This way I, and others, can easily see if a foal has been aged, a more updated ref made, etc

:bulletred: Below is ONLY if you have a horse that needs to be move form colts/fillies list on the registration blog, to the mares/studs/geldings list.
 Follow these steps AFTER the 1-3 listed above

4) please send in a Note to the group with the title "Aged Mare/ or Aged Stallion" and to their new ref page.

thanks for reading this and have an awesome Holiday
(or for those who don't celebrate anything, enjoy the sales in the stores after the holiday rush is over) :D


Patches :sun:


Hey everyone. I would just like to post a friendly reminder that any comments posted on our blogs do not show up in our message feeds.
So if you need help, have a question, or something important for us to see, please comment on our front page newsfeed or note the group :)

:star: this does not apply to blogs for shows and events since we will be checking them often anyways. :heart:

thanks you for reading,

Patches :sun:

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