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*No rude, nasty, inappropriate names will be allowed
*Be kind to others (and i'm sure you can guess the rest on behavior)
*No unnatural colors (see Breed Characteristics for acceptable colors)
*No horses waaayyy under or above the breed size (see Breed Characteristics. I do understand there are a few 'freaks of nature' ;) )
*Make sure to place horses in the Gallery under the appropriate file. If you wish to show a picture of your horse training, competing, or anything but the ref you place him/her under the Featured file.
:bulletred: ONLY Pure bred Teke's. **Unless your horse meets the next bullet's requirements** No horse with any ancestors Non-purebred Teke may be registered.
:bulletblue::bulletred:horses with ONE parent with 1/4 (or less) Non Teke blood may be registered as long as they have Teke accepted features (which I don't see why they wouldn't since the non teke blood would be minute..)
:bulletorange:to register your horses please send their refference sheet to the proper folder
:new: please read this extra little note about registering akhal-teke-breeders.deviantart…
:bulletred::bulletpink::bulletyellow::bulletgreen::bulletblue:any Problems are to be reported to me via Note.


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