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:star:From now on, point systems will no longer be used. :star:

Please read ALL of the FAQ before asking questions. This saves YOU and ME time ;)

I hope this new system will be more to everyone's liking and provide one less hassle for the ATB community :D


1) What is a Top ranked Teke?
A Top, or 'Elite' Akhal Teke is the 'best of the best' and a horse who has proven themselves as being a large contributor to the breed with their own and/or through their offspring's winnings.

2) Where may I view these horses?
In the gallery folder labeled 'Hall of Fame'

3) Why bother? WHat's so great about this?
This will allow YOU as an owner, or YOU as a breeder, find the best horses to either breed with, attract more attention to your horses and stable, And help you find a top quality mate for your horses If their owner has them up for broodlease/stud

4) AWESOME! How can I get my Special Teke there!!??!? :la:
There are multiple ways:
a) Win the title in a championship challenge
b) Be recognized and suggested by at least 2 members other than yourself, then have your horse's reacord and offspring judged
c) Earn the award by vote in upcoming voting blogs.

5) You mentioned... recognized and suggesting? WHat does this mean?
2 Members of THIS group must suggest your horse to be evaluated. Then I will look over their show records (HARPG and DA comps only not RNG provided records) and their offspring (if any) If your horse is acceptable to the 'Elite' Title then you will be notified and your horse placed in the Hall of Fame.

6) You also mentioned Voting? ... :?
Yes..yes i did :)
Not sure how far between they will happen, But, once in a while a blog will be opened allowing YOU to vote on most outstanding mare, stud, gelding (if enough) and yougstock to be placed in the Hall of Fame. PLEASE Keeping in mine this is NOT a popularity contest for the owners. This is based on the winnings and contributions from the horse!

Thank you for your time and patience. I hope this new system proves to be more satisfactory for you all.
Patches :sun:

This idea is 100% mine, patchesofheaven74. NO ideas were gathered from other groups and i have honestly not seen this done before. Thank you


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