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Submitted on
April 3, 2011


:new: PLEASE READ!!!
New genetic info thanks to :iconjnferrigno: There are some Tekes that have white markings that could be seen as frame or splash (also these genes cause the horses to have blue eyes) while there IS a genetic test for Frame there is Not a test for splash. The Pure bred tekes with this markings have been tested and are a negative for frame so that means (by reason) they can carry splash. This new pattern has been added to the acceptable registeries.
While the breed does not have the dun gene (or at least the dun we know of " the dun as we know it, dilutes the body as well." But they do sometimes have primitive marks of unknown origin. i personally have seen photos on Tekes with dun like markings and they are described in text about the breed both present and past writings. I've decided (thanks to JN's confirmation) to place these 'dun like markings' into the registry  untill further notice these markings will be counted as unknown gene that may or may not be passed on like brindle markings are

I have been under the impression that tekes could be champagne and dun. BUT thanks to DDS's extensive research, I've been corrected. NO Champagnes or Dun exist in the breed. Please forgive me and i'll be sure to go back through the registry and help those who I've accidentally mislead correct their studs and mares.  SO this also means no Grulla since it's made with dun..

This is a realistic Teke group, no pink hair, piercings, etc etc etc. when in doubt ask
:bulletred:Size: 14.3h-16h
Mahogany Bay
Golden (like a buckskin without the black points or stripe)
Liver Chestnut
Light Palomino
Electric Black

The ONLY patterns allowed are Rabicano, and Sabino
:new: Splash, and primitive 'dun like' markings of unknown origin

NO silver, Champagnes,Dun, or pearl genes in this breed.
:bulletblue:Fine head carried high on a long, thin neck.
:bulletblue:eyes are large, almond shape, and hooded for protection from desert sands
:bulletblue:ears are long with shape and usually perked alertly
:bulletblue:Mane and tail is often sparse and sometimes don't have a forelock
:bulletblue: sloping shoulder and deep, wide chest. A thin frame that's 'greyhound' like.
:bulletblue: thin skinned and very sensitive. Usually calm, but easily aroused. They are described as bonding to owners like a dog would. Loyal and willing to please the person they feel close to.
:bulletblue:highly regarded for their speed, stamina, comfortable gaits, and trainability.  
:bulletblue:Their action has free-flowing moves and a soft gliding, elastic stride.
:bulletblue:The Akhal-Teke shows natural collection at slow gaits, floating above the ground at the trot.  They are very comfortable to ride without being gaited.
:bulletred: Sports:
Flat racing
Endurance racing
Cross Country
and more, most English sports.
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Just letting both groups know. There is no test for it yet, but Splash has been identified in the Akhal Teke horse. Many people call it sabino, but Sabino does not cause white eyes, only Frame and Splash do. And there is a test for frame, but none of these akhal tekes exhibit frame.

Alajoz, Hengst

As for the dun clarification. There is not just one gene for Dun, in fact the only things for dun we have currently are a few markers associated with the gene. But the actual gene is unknown. The testing for it is actually done by parentage and photos (for american stock horses). However horses like the Andalusian and Lusitano, these dun horses are testing for something different. But they do exhibit pronounced dorsal stripes and lightening of the body usually. And while not all horses with dorsal stripes are dun, it can also be said that not all dun horses have dorsal stripes. And it is in my opinion, given such a primitive horse, it would be very possible that they have some other primitive marking other then Sooty. After all Dun can be as extreme as Zebras, and so minimal that you don't see it at all. But I think there is more then just one type of Dun, and I'll get back to you after I contact some people and see what they think on the matter.
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