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If you are simply changing their ref image/ also need to change their ref because they are aged :  please bear with me here.

1) Remove your horse's old ref (foal ref, outdated ref, etc)
2) Place your old, outdated, foal ref into the "Old Refs..." folder in the group. :)
3) Not needed but would help if you put a little message at the Top of your old ref artist description
This ref is old. Find the new one here [link]
or something similar to that. This way I, and others, can easily see if a foal has been aged, a more updated ref made, etc

:bulletred: Below is ONLY if you have a horse that needs to be move form colts/fillies list on the registration blog, to the mares/studs/geldings list.
 Follow these steps AFTER the 1-3 listed above

4) please send in a Note to the group with the title "Aged Mare/ or Aged Stallion" and to their new ref page.

thanks for reading this and have an awesome Holiday
(or for those who don't celebrate anything, enjoy the sales in the stores after the holiday rush is over) :D


Patches :sun:


Hey everyone. I would just like to post a friendly reminder that any comments posted on our blogs do not show up in our message feeds.
So if you need help, have a question, or something important for us to see, please comment on our front page newsfeed or note the group :)

:star: this does not apply to blogs for shows and events since we will be checking them often anyways. :heart:

thanks you for reading,

Patches :sun:

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It's "bear". ;]
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thanks :hug:
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Thanks for keeping our group clean!
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Submitted on
January 1, 2011